One option is solid wood, which is one thickness throughout. The other is engineered wood flooring, constructed to be more stable and better handle water.

Similar in appearance, different in water capabilities

On the surface, they both look identical. With either, you'll have beautiful natural wood floors with grains, knots, swirls, and undertones/

With engineered, genuine wood is combined with a bit of resin and placed in a crosswise position. As a result, it's less prone to warping and is more versatile in installation possibilities.

Like solid hardwood flooring, however, it adds value to a property and can be refinished.

Do I still need to acclimate engineered wood?

Yes. That is because it can be installed via the floating floor. When floors float, they hover over the subfloor without adhesives or staples.

The slightest movement can affect balance. In turn, that affects appearance and longevity.

We won't take any chances with your floor. We know the floor is one of the most significant investments in your home. So rest assured, we do everything to protect it.

Other differences:

To learn more, feel free to come into our hardwood flooring company. Meanwhile:

1. Solid is always the traditional tongue and groove/nail down. Engineered can be glued, nailed, or installed to float.

2. Engineered has wider planks with shorter lengths. However, that may change as manufacturers constantly create new design innovations.

3. Engineered can be sanded about four to five times in its lifespan. Solid can be refinished six times.

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