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Should you choose engineered hardwood flooring?

The beautiful and timeless look of real wood flooring is naturally very appealing to homeowners, and engineered hardwood is a great option in this line. It’s real hardwood that offers a wealth of benefits that are right at home in many spaces and provides a long life as well.

For some homeowners, especially those with below-grade spaces, it could be the answer to all your flooring needs. However, even if not a total necessity, it's a great choice for many other spaces as well. You simply can't go wrong with wood flooring so let's dig deeper.

Why engineered flooring?

If hardwood flooring is so special, why choose engineered flooring instead? It's a question we've heard before and the answer is simple: because it provides many benefits that are important to many homeowners.

If you have below-grade spaces, for instance, such as basements, solid hardwood flooring cannot be installed there. It doesn’t stand up well against humidity, dampness, and changing temperatures the way that engineered floors can.

Constructed with a backing of various wood plies, engineered floors feature a veneer of real wood, in your choice of species, right on top, underneath the wear layer. The wear layer then protects the veneer from daily wear such as scuffs, stains, and scratches, leaving you with beautiful floors that last a long while. Feel free to give us a call with any questions!

This material isn’t just a great alternative for solid hardwood, but it also makes a great floor covering for the rest of your home too. Often more affordable than the solid variety, this floor covering offers a classic, timeless appearance that matches your décor so well. And you’ll still get your choice of species, stain colors, and finish types, for a personalized look that works perfectly in your home. Be sure to visit our engineered hardwood flooring store for more details.

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