Hardwood flooring: Should I go with dark or light-colored flooring?

Hardwood flooring: Should I go with dark or light-colored flooring?

Choosing the perfect color for your wood flooring can be a daunting task unless you know a few facts about each to help narrow your choices. So read along with today's post, where we'll offer those facts for your consideration as you shop for the perfect floor covering.

Wood flooring décor-matching tips

Choosing dark or light-colored hardwood flooring can depend a lot on the type of décor you’re matching. However, there are other considerations to be mindful of as well.

One of the most critical situations to consider is how dirt and debris show up on these surfaces. For instance, dark colors are more prone to hide footprints and other types of soiling, but light-colored debris tends to show up very well.

On the other hand, lighter colors won't hide regular dirt, but it's a great way to mask lighter soiling, such as pet dander or fur. So it can be an intricate balance if you have both situations in your home.

Be sure to also ask about how these colors affect the size of the space you'll be flooring. You might find that one or the other is a much better decision than the other, so talk to us about your plans today.

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